Some people clearly do not know the difference between a scam and an opportunity.

  1. Electroneum is real and their launch plan involves allowing anyone to mine electroneum for free with their smartphones. You can read all about the company and their plans on their company website at (Link Opens In New Window)
  2. The Electroneum apps are ONLY available directly from the Apple App Store or from Google Play Store. They are FREE with NO UPSELLS.
  3. The Free Automated Income system is 100% FREE and always will be. You can use this system to share with others and earn 5% referral electroneum on your referrals.
  4. We built this system to make it easier for us to share electroneum with the world because we believe that electroneum will be one of the few crypto currencies still around 5 years from now, and will be worth substantially more than it is today as a result of its global adoption.
  5. We made this system FREE because we wanted thousands of people to learn about electroneum and be able to earn free electroneum for simply sharing something that is free and genuine.
  6. We make it very clear in our presentation video that as of this moment in time electroneum is worth very little, in that video we point out that just 9 years ago the value of one Bitcoin was half the value of that of one electroneum today. In other words one electroneum today is worth more than double the value of one Bitcoin at the same point in it's development. None of us have a crystal ball as to what one electroneum might be worth a few years from now but we believe it will be a lot more than it is today and that aquiring lots of it for free and then holding it until the price goes up is a very smart idea.
  7. This is not a get rich quick scheme, this is something that anyone can do alongside any other business with very little effort just by sharing this system.

In summary, it's impossible for this system or for electroneum to be a scam as they are both free.