Protect Your Crypto Assets

The Crypto currency world is full of scammers who are trying to steal your private keys and crypto currencies.

Make sure to follow our security tips below to avoid getting scammed out of your coins and keep your crypto safely under your control forever.

  • User a TREZOR hardware wallet to store your crypto!
  • Always use strong and unique passwords!
  • Never give your private keys to anyone!
  • Activate 2 Factor Authentication whenever it's available!
  • Never send ETH, BTC or any other crypto to an airdrop!


The Free Automated Income system is a way for you to acquire free electroneum by mining from your phone and also allows you to share this system with others and earn an addittional 5% bonus electroneum on all the electroneum that your personal referrals mine.

When you mine electroneum your coins are securely stored in your electroneum wallet that is connected to your phone, but just as you can store your money in multiple bank accounts, you can also do the same with crypto currencies and increase your security.

If your only involvement with crypto is electroneum then the main thing that you'll want to do is create a free account at Coindeal (see link below), this will allow you to sell (exchange) your electroneum into your own local currency when you are ready to do so.

The fact of the matter is that crypto currencies are becoming more mainstream by the day and it's now possible to buy anything using crypto currencies, either through direct crypto currency platforms or with crypto currency debit cards which allow you to spend your crypto in real time anywhere that mastercard or visa are accepted.

On this page you'll find our recommendations as to which platforms you can trust and which wallets you should use.


CoinDeal is a Crypto Currency exchange where you can buy and sell hundreds of different crypto currencies including electroneum. You should open an account with them today. It's totally free and once you've signed up you'll be able to buy and sell electroneum and hundreds of other crypto currencies.

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A Trezor wallet is the most secure way to store your crypto currencies. It's our number one recommendation to anyone getting involved or using crypto currencies in any way. Trezor is a hardware device that you connect to your computer or smartphone which gives you 100% control of your crypto assets, even if you lose the device, have it stolen or were to accidentily flush it down the toilet, your coins will always be safe and recoverable by you alone.

All the instructions on how to use your Trezor come with the device, but once you have one of these you'll never look back. They are very small at about the size of an average car keyring and just brilliant.

Only buy direct from Trezor (link below), don't be tempted to buy any advertised on Amazon or Ebay as there are fake ones around created to steal your coins.

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